Christmas in the Country

Chris and I are spending the holidays over at the in-laws in Gilmer Country. It was a nice day, and we have been relaxing prior to the dinner. Chris’s mom cooks very well, though like most southern women, she spends a great deal of time in the kitchen. In a way I’m glad we changed my mother’s thinking on Christmas dinner, though we had 100F weather to help in that decision.

Got some great things for Christmas, and as usual, I’m very fortunate to be spending my holiday season with the man I love and our boyz (pooches). Chris’s parents aren’t overly comfortable with “us” being together, but they are making a huge effort, and I respect them for that. Chris’s mom is quite wonderful and makes visits all that more better.

Ah … we must be in the country – a gun shot. Something I’ll never get used to … but that is why I live where I do.

Nearly time for dinner, and some “family” time.