Is there a shredder in the house?

So much paper, and this is just for an essay on a play *sigh* After this, just one more paper to do – a research paper, and then it's over. Looking forward to getting this class over as it's part of the basics, so it's one less to worry about before graduating and moving on.

I have this meeting tonight with the Creek Group from our HOA. I'm looking forward to it more than I was yesterday, especially after chatting with one of my neighbors last night. It seems one of our other neighbors is attempting to run a coup on the work of this group (which they have been working on for close to six months). It turns out they don't have a lot of support, which is good, and the support they did have was because of the untruths that had been spread about the group, or members of the group. Anyway, it should be interesting.

Work continues on the SGA restructure … it seems to be taking a while. I don't think people are committed to it as much as I am … which is an indication that maybe it's not the right thing. Of course, everyone else is saying it is the way to go, but perhaps no-one wants to do anything to make it a reality … time will tell.

Slept rather well last night … though I don't like Tuesday or Thursday mornings as I have to get to class *sigh*