Mrs Dalloway?

Well … I've just watched The Hours again on DVD and once again find myself wondering how Chicago beat this movie in the awards. Justice was lacking.

Yesterday, we went to Tim & Mike's Summer Blast party, and had a very enjoyable time. It's always nice to catch up with old friends, and make new ones. Some of the photo's Brian took are just too funny. When he mentioned blackmail, I didn't think he meant it 🙂 Jonas came to the party and had a good time (I think). He lacks self-confidence at times, and I think he finds it difficult to understand that people find him attractive … I keep telling him it's highly possible, and most likely and he shouldn't be shocked by this. He makes me laugh sometimes with his thinking on some things.

After the party, Chris decided to go out with Paul to the clubs, and me being such a fan of smoky bars decided to stay in. Jonas was over, so we talked a little about the day and the party. I actually enjoyed my evening with him so much, it was a perfect way to end the day.

Today was a good relaxing day. I worked with Brian at getting a mail server up and running, and it is. And the website is now resolving correctly, so two good achievements for the day.