Maybe I'm Sensitive

Well it's been an odd few days. The weekend was kind of odd for me. I spent most of my time at home working on things that really didn't matter. Chris was at work most of Saturday, and I just wasn't feeling 100%.

Friday night we went to coffee, and had quite a few new members sipping the java. Dinner followed, and then drinks at the Cheesecake Factory. I was so tired that I nearly fell asleep whilst driving home.

Saturday was a ho-hum kind of day, which ended in a ho-hum kind of way. Chris had agreed to go to a function for the Bastille Day celebrations. It was organized, in part, by his boss. It was interesting, and enjoyable, but with my heart not being in the right mood for this, we left a little early, and I decided that sleep was a good option.

Sunday, we had brunch plans with one of the people from CCGLA, and spent some time just discussing various options for moving the group forward. I guess, the weather is hitting me hard, as I came home and went to bed. Slept on and off for about 3 hours. Finally did something energetic and went inline skating. Only did about four miles but it was enough to work up a bit of a sweat. Had some friends over for dinner, and it was nice to see them all, and especially Jonas. I've not seen a great deal of him this past week. With his scheduled and ours, it's just been hectic.

Tonight we had dinner with some friends, Bobby and Ian, over at their place. As usual Ian cooks up a fabulous meal, and he makes it all seem so easy. Sarah Molton would be proud.

I'm sitting here with both of my dogs at my feet. I love these pooches so much!