Density of Souls

Started reading Density of Souls by Christopher Rice last night. Already half way through the book.

Met a guy online today whose nickname was DensityOfSouls, so I chatted with him briefly. He is in Sydney, Australia, and has just re-read the book. He loves it, and wants me to email him when I've finished so we can chat about it.

I'm ordering in Christopher's next book, The Snow Garden, from the library, so hopefully when I finish this, I 'll have the next one waiting.

Chris is in Houston this week, attending Rig School. He's off to Galveston tomorrow as part of a field trip, so I suggested he look at the place that he thinks we should go for our vacation where we can take the dogs.

VH1 has a series called “I Love the '80's” running at the moment. It is too funny, and I'm amazed at how much I remember about the things they are talking about. Kind of scary.