A Different Independence Day

Today was the fourth of July in the US. Chris was telling me today that this year was different because of the recent Supreme Court decision, and the words “… with liberty and justice for all” has a much deeper and truer meaning for everyone.

I thought that was very insightful, and understood how important this could be to many Americans, not to mention those non-Americans who live here.

Chris wrote in a recent newsletter:

The highest court in the land has weighed the evidence in the issues surrounding gay and lesbian equality and has declared that all of us “are entitled to respect” and that the State “cannot demean [our] existence or control [our] destiny by making [our] private sexual conduct a crime,” and that “the liberty protected by the Constitution allows homosexual persons the right to make this choice.”

We celebrated the fourth helping at the Frisco Freedom Fest. It was great. The fireworks were more easily watched from where we were this year, and I thought it was a little less 'dramatic' to last year, but equally enjoyable.