Sunday, Sunday

Well this weekend seemed to fly by. Chris and I had a full day yesterday. Chris went to Operation Clean Sweep (a city organized clean up), and I went to the HOA social event. The HOA event was very well attended, and the board got some good feedback from homeowners that we were actually doing a good job – which was great to hear.

After that, we cleaned up the back yard – de-dogged it, trimmed and mowed the lawn and then started digging up the weeds in the front garden. I have a blister — it hurts!

Quiet night, ending up watching Unfaithful with Richard Gere and Diane Lane. It actually was a good movie. The “affair” (Oliver Martinez) was very cute. This is a good run on my $0.49 movies. So far I've enjoyed all of them!

Today we finished weeding the front garden beds, and then went off to buy some annuals and plants to make the house more attractive during the day. I hope that it will look good by the time we’ve finished. I was going to avoid doing the annual things, but the alternative (short-term) lacks color.

Had dinner with the neighbors and enjoyed the evening. Daria is getting huge… she is due within the next two weeks.

The semester is almost over — this is a good thing.