Rainy days and dogs

The rain has hit today, and I have a house full of dogs. I think this is going to take it's toll on me sometime. Thankfully the weekend is here so we can keep them occupied during the next couple of days. We are sitting a friend's dog while they are travelling overseas, and it's been non-stop since I got him home. Colby just wants to play and play with the visitor, but Bosley tends to sulk. I think he thinks we have another dog, which means less affection for him. We'll work on that.

Had dinner last night with some new neighborhood friends and they are lot of fun. Both are very cute too, which always helps (if you ask me). We are having a dinner / movie night tomorrow night, and one of them is coming along. I'm looking forward to getting some friends in the house and just relaxing. Wish I were a little leaner and taut – *sigh*