Texas Tales – July 1999

4 July
Independence Day!

8 July
Scottsbluff and Gering have the Oregon Trails Festival this weekend, so we have to move out of our hotel for the weekend. We have a hotel in Alliance, Nebraska which is about 47 miles north-east of Scottsbluff. It will mean that Chris has to leave at a more ungodly hourly to get to work now – oh well,it’s only two days 🙂

9 July
Today was Chris’s first day off, so we heading to South Dakota to the Mount Rushmore National Monument. We also visited Deadwood, South Dakota, which is a whole town listed as a National Historic Landmark, and the burial place of Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane.

11 July
Today we headed back to Scottsbluff to our new hotel – Best Western, Scottsbluff Inn. Gee this is exciting no?!?

About to leave Scottsbluff, and Chris gets a page. We are off to Minot, North Dakota!

Details on Minot will be forthcoming. A word of advice, don’t hold your breath for excitement 😉