Email Post Update

Sent to my update mailing list. Hi y’all 🙂 Well it’s been a while. Lots of things happening, which I guess is good … but it is making time go by. Friday saw the half way mark to my initial stay here (yep three months already). I guess I’ve seen a lot in the last three months. After spending three weeks in Fairfax, Virginia, I returned home to Dallas to meet up with a friend of mine – Jason (some of you might know him) – who was visiting here, then heading over to Hawaii to recover 🙂 It was quite amusing with the aussie doing the tour guide thing, but we managed to get most of what we had to do done :-)) Chris remained in Virginia for the time that Jason was here, however they managed to catch up the last night Jason was here. Two days later (after Jason left) we were jetting off to New Orleans for the Memorial Day weekend. It was heaps of fun – got drunk (though nothing near the Tram Car incident :-)) ). We returned on the Monday, and Chris was off again to Amarillo, Texas on the Tuesday. Talk about absence making the heart grow fonder 🙂 Anyway, tomorrow I am off to Amarillo to spend the rest of the time with him there. Amarillo is located right in the middle of the Texas panhandle (the square bit to the north of the state). It’s a country town / city. Cowboys and cows seem to be the main commodity up that way, according to Chris. I’m thinking Felicia, Mitzi and Bernadette visiting Broken Hill *evil grin* For those of you with memories, June marks the anniversary of my birth. Unfortunately I will not be resurrecting Miss Kitty for any celebrations. Chris and I are heading down to Key West, Florida for that week, so it should be a relaxing time in the sun, drinking copious amounts of fruity substances with large amounts of alcohol :-)) That will bring us almost to the end of June, and this means the fourth of July – my first here :-)) Well it’s late here … nearly 3am, so I should get some sleep so I can do all the things tomorrow before heading out to Amarillo :-)) Hope all is well and the weather is not too horrid in your part of the world (reference to Australian, specifically Melbourne, weather). Hugz, James