1997 USA Travels Summary

Our pictures from the trip can be found over on my flickr page.

New York

  • James at Carnegie Hall
  • James at Carnegie Hall 2
  • Daniel and his ticker tape parade
  • James and his ticker tape parade
  • Daniel Blading in Central Park
  • James blading with a Yellow Cab

Dallas, Texas

  • American Airline planes
  • Mike, Tim and James at home
  • Daniel, Tim, Mike and James at home
  • Group eating at La Hacienda
  • Steve Davis and James
  • James and Daniel outside Tiffany’s [Dallas]

Sante Fe, New Mexico

  • James & David eating
  • James on the couch
  • Daniel and David
  • Daniel and James under a thing

Las Vegas, Nevada

  • James and the 4 Queens sign
  • Daniel in front of New York, New York
  • Daniel in front of Stratosphere
  • Aerial view from Stratosphere Tower
  • James outside the Stratosphere
  • James out the front of the Luxor


  • Visited our friend Jeff in Los Angeles
  • Visited our friends Todd and Bill in San Francisco

Portland, Oregon

  • Group shot at Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream
  • Daniel and James at Fuddruckers
  • Jay and James at St Helens
  • Ken and Daniel at St Helens
  • Road shot of hillside – St Helens
  • St Helens